Our Clients Include:

Social Rewards


Socialliance is a new network program where our goal is to connect our clients together and points may be exchanged between like programs. This is already in place between Fox Rewards and our many theatre clients where points earned with 20th Century Fox for watching and sharing movie trailers may be redeemed at your local participating movie theatre for free movies, popcorn & drinks

How it works

As new clients enter into the Social Rewards family, they will be given the option to redeem other program points at their locations, i.e. a “Dinner and a Movie” concept where participating restaurant loyalty programs may share points between the restaurant and a nearby participating movie theatre.

What about competition?

The beauty of our program is that only companies that agree to share points with one another may exist within a Social Network, or “Socialliance” and picking partners is easy. Once approved, your business may browse nearby locations that are participating within a Socialliance and send a request to the other to tie points together. Competing businesses don’t have to redeem points for one another.

Join the Alliance

Right now we are seeking complementary local business nearby our existing client locations to join the Socialliance. If you don’t have an existing loyalty program, that’s ok, we can come up with customized rewards that may be traded for another participant’s loyalty program. All of the points are calculated on our end and we automatically merge the program redemption points so your customers may redeem points at either participating program. Contact us now to join!